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Disponibile da oggi su Amazon e principali webstore l'edizione inglese di "Centralino Celeste", il mio primo titolo Imperium.

XXVII century: the mining ship Curiex, exploring the borders of the galaxy, runs into a celestial odd body of artificial origin: the object is going to be incredibly valuable and the largest relic of human history. The crew is in two minds about whether to take advantage of it or chase its mystery in the darkness of the cosmos: the journey will test the resources of Curiex on reaching the destination and the loyalty of the ship's officers to their commander Christopher Piccolomini. In an impossible place, deep in the Milky Way, above all, the men of 2600 will rediscover their fear for the Divine, or the terror, probably bigger than it, for the absence of gods in the space's darkness. From the winner of the Urania Prize 2011 and Double Star Award in 2013 (both published by Mondadori) a new, incredible story!

Heavenly Switchboard (traduzione di Chiara Campidelli)

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